Aluminium Honeycomb Plant

Aluminium Honeycomb Core Partition Panel

The units are capable of manufacturing Partition Frames and Ceiling Panels.

State-of-the-art modern facility includes:

Gluing Machine

Hot Pressing

Core Sawing and cutting machine

Core Expander

Laminating Press

Vacuum Bagging

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Aluminium Honeycomb Core Testing

Sr. No. Testing Parameter Test Method Test Ref Std Actual specified value of product
1 Bare compressive strength and modulus test APPENDIX B of IS 11642 ASTM C365 9.4 Mpa
2 Stabilized core compressive strength and modulus APPENDIX C of IS 11642 ASTM C365 9.8 Mpa
3 Core shear strength and modulus test APPENDIX D of IS 11642 ASTM C273
L direction strength : 4.8 Mpa
L direction modulus : 0.9 Mpa
W direction strength : 3.0 Mpa
W direction modulus : 0.4 Mpa
4 Node-bond strength of honeycomb core material APPENDIX E of IS 11642 ASTM C363 5.0 Mpa
5 Drum peel strength ASTM D 1781 ASTM D 1781 Min 60
6 Bending load ASTM C 393 ASTM C 393 Min 2.0 Mpa

Honeycomb Application in Metro & Railways

Carbody / Bulkhead

Partition Frames

End Wall

Sidewall Flap

Floating floor panels

Ceiling Panels

Driver’s Cab partition wall

Sidewall and Door

Roof Sections

Anti-skid access ramps